It's Just Common Sense

Fed up with Congress? Congress is broken, and we deserve better. Career politicians toe their party line and dare not risk reaching across the aisle. Partisan gridlock rules, so major issues go unsolved. Most Americans are in the sensible middle yet have no voice in Congress.

Voting for a career politician will only continue gridlock in Congress.

I grew up here - Silicon Valley thrives because it reinvents itself, and we don’t let ideology prevent innovative solutions. I have experience in finance, national/homeland security, and community leadership. I co-founded a tech start-up and a non-profit. I hold an economics degree from Harvard, and an MBA in Finance from Stanford.

Only Ohtaki if you’re frustrated about partisan gridlock in Washington, DC. I’ll work across the aisle on innovative solutions to the issues facing our nation, as I did as Menlo Park’s Mayor.

Only Ohtaki if inflation has caused you to live paycheck to paycheck.

Only Ohtaki if you’re worried about rising crime and fentanyl overdoses. Pick Peter if you support common sense gun laws.

Only Ohtaki to ensure our nation’s security, and to stand by Israel against Iran-backed terrorists.

Only Ohtaki to secure our border as part of comprehensive immigration reform.

Only Ohtaki if you believe climate incentives are more powerful than mandates.

Only Ohtaki so Asian-American families have a voice in Congress.

Game Changers - Six Priorities for Silicon Valley

Please join my effort to change Congress. And please contact me with your ideas: [email protected]

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