It's Just Common Sense

As your Congressional Representative, I will:

  • Control inflation - As a Harvard grad in economics, I'll focus on rising inflation's root cause: our nation's $30 trillion debt. Gas prices are skyrocketing - we must suspend gas taxes.
  • Secure our streets - As both a dad and a former Mayor, I'm worried about rising crime, including “smash and grab” looting and violence against Asians. We must prosecute criminals and fund the police to keep our neighborhoods safe. 
  • Preserve our Neighborhoods - As a Peninsula native, I know we must protect our family-friendly neighborhoods from SB9/10 that ends single-family zoning and overrides local control. As a former Mayor, I’ve learned one-size-fits-all unfunded state mandates leave cities holding the bill for infrastructure improvements to schools and transit. If elected, I’d propose the “Preservation of Neighborhoods, Local Control, and the American Dream Act”. 
  • Fight for our fair share of transportation funding - Silicon Valley relies on a 160-year-old train line for its mass transit. California only gets 5% of the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, yet we're 12% of the nation's population! Our Congressional representative should be fighting for billions to relieve traffic congestion. 
  • Support freedom - As the only candidate with national/homeland security experience, I know we must equip Ukrainian resistance with accountability. China wants Taiwan; they are watching how we respond to Russia.
  • Freedom from mandates - The extended COVID-19 lockdown decimated our small businesses and kept schools closed unnecessarily. 

Voters want a credible alternative in the November general election - not just another shade of blue.

In Congress, I’ll work to find common-sense solutions that have bipartisan support and that Silicon Valley residents can feel proud. We can’t afford another 30 years of partisan gridlock in Washington.

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