Why should you care about who represents you in Sacramento?

My thoughts and prayers go out to those directly impacted by COVID-19 and their families.

For those economically impacted by COVID-19, there are resources and funding available:

  • For small businesses, the SBA Paycheck Protection Program is, after some startup problems, now providing forgivable bridge funding through your bank, PayPal, Intuit and Square.
  • Small businesses can apply for grants from Facebook and Salesforce.
  • Mid-size businesses can apply for 4-year loans under the $600 billion Federal Reserve Main Street Lending program that should be available soon.
  • For those laid off, or unable to work because of COVID-19 or caring for someone with the virus, the State's EDD provides online applications for unemployment insurance, short-term disability insurance or family leave support.


Four reasons why current state leadership is failing Silicon Valley residents:

1) Stuck in traffic? Peninsula/Valley traffic mitigation? Sorry, Sacramento continues to spend $64 billion for high-speed rail to Bakersfield. Getting to your job and taking your kids to soccer practice, are what most people want. Cities don’t have funding for transportation infrastructure, which hasn’t kept up with Silicon Valley’s growth. We need Sacramento to fund transportation improvements that relieve congestion now.

2) California is heading toward runaway taxation from a legislative supermajority. Instead of using the state’s $20 billion budget surplus to fund much-needed infrastructure, Sacramento leadership raised your gas tax (SB1), tolls (RM2), and sales taxes in both Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

3) Sacramento is eroding our local control. As Mayor of Menlo Park in 2018, I know SB50 will override local zoning to impose high-density apartments that will dramatically change the character of our communities. State mandates for high-density housing will require our schools to add classrooms, but Sacramento has yet to provide funding for school construction, not to mention additional teachers. The result, if unchecked, will be crowded classrooms for your kids.

4) Sacramento’s experiment with “re-alignment” by releasing and transferring prisoners to counties has resulted in increasing burglaries and thefts, burdening police, threatening our safety, and tarnishing our quality of life on the Peninsula.

Send a message to Sacramento that bi-partisan solutions are needed by voting for Peter Ohtaki for State Assembly

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