Why should you care about the State Assembly?

My thoughts and prayers go out to those directly impacted by COVID-19 and their families. I know because I recovered from it. I'm uniquely qualified to manage our way out of this COVID mess:

  • As an emergency manager since 2005, I've helped keep 275,000 employees safe from COVID across the country. I worked to pass AB2796 extending Good Samaritan protection to businesses and non-profits that donate goods and services during disasters, which passed with bipartisan support, and signed into law in 2008.
  • We must do better to enable our small businesses to survive or else job losses will be permanent.
  • We must solve the EDD 1 million backlog of unemployment claims.
  • Instead of a surplus, we now have a $54 billion state deficit. I solved Menlo Park’s structural budget deficit during the great recession, and balanced the city’s budget every year while on city council.

Growing up and raising my family here, I know this district well. From serving as Menlo Park Mayor and Councilmember from 2010-18, I understand the role of state government.

Five reasons why Sacramento leadership fails Peninsula residents:

  • First, current leadership mismanaged the state’s budget from a $20 billion surplus to a $45 billion deficit, and the legislative supermajority will result in higher taxes for you. The Employment Development Department has an unprocessed backlog of over a million unemployment claims.
  • Second, our state government is responsible for two key areas – education and transportation. Yet four decades after I grew up here, Ravenswood City School District students continue to substantially underperform relative to surrounding districts. Black and brown kids matter, and the best way to change systemic racism in our backyard is through equality of education and opportunity.
  • Third, in transportation, Sacramento spends billions on high-speed rail to Bakersfield, while making you pay higher sales taxes for Caltrain.
  • Fourth, state mandates like SB50 override local zoning to impose high-density housing that will change the character of our communities and result in crowded classrooms for your kids.
  • Lastly, Sacramento released and transferred prisoners to counties, resulting in increased burglaries and threatening our safety.

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California is now a one-party state, no longer a healthy democracy generating bi-partisan solutions to problems.

Tell Sacramento that bi-partisan solutions are needed now by voting for Peter Ohtaki for State Assembly, a voice of reason.

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