Governor signs Housing Element reform bill



I'm pleased to announce that the Housing Element reform bill (AB 1690) that I advocated for, was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday. Our community wanted a grocery store in an apartment complex near Belle Haven and Facebook but couldn't under the existing state Housing Element law. AB 1690 fixes that restriction, giving cities more local flexibility. 

I worked closely with Assemblyman Rich Gordon, sponsor of this bill, who said, “I endorse Peter for re-election. Peter excels at bringing people together to get things done and cares deeply about Menlo Park. I am proud of the work we did to pass AB 1690, and I look forward to future partnerships.”

The legislation, authored by Assemblyman Gordon, allows a city or county to include up to 50% mixed use in affordable housing sites designated under the state-mandated Housing Element.  This law ensures that cities, like Menlo Park, can now include amenities like a grocery store or convenient retail within an affordable housing development.

AB 1690 came before the Assembly in February 2014 and passed with near unanimous vote in both the Assembly and the Senate.  I'm pleased by the overwhelming bipartisan support that the bill raised and look forward to future endeavors that will help benefit our community! 

-- Peter

To read more about AB 1690, check out the Almanac's article about it here

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