Re-elect Peter Ohtaki to Menlo Park City Council District 4

I grew up here and have seen firsthand the city’s transformation over 40 years. I understand the upside and downside of expansion, and make informed decisions on facts, not emotions. I've been honored to serve on the Menlo Park City Council since 2010 and as your Mayor in 2013 and 2018. I'd appreciate your vote and support for re-election to the City Council, District 4.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to fix issues that have challenged our city for decades, and benefit Menlo Park residents long term.  I have a strategic vision to make Menlo Park even better for families like yours.

Working on Traffic Congestion and Safety

  • Fixing the El Camino bottleneck with a Ravenswood undercrossing of CalTrain
  • Funding a bike & pedestrian underpass to connect Middle with Burgess Park
  • Preventing cut-thru traffic in Allied Arts, since 80% of traffic neither begins nor ends in our city
  • Installing bike lanes on Middle, in addition to Oak Grove and Santa Cruz avenues


Improving Quality of Life

  • Created outdoor dining along Santa Cruz Avenue
  • Approved a new Guild Theater entertainment venue
  • Replaced empty car dealerships along El Camino Real with new housing
  • Upgrading the Nealon Park playground and building Jack Lyle restrooms
  • Funding a new Belle Haven library
  • Improving education in Belle Haven


Maintaining balanced budgets 

  • Balanced the budget and achieved a AAA rating for every year on city council
  • Paid down $7 million of our unfunded pension liability that saved over $4 million in interest expenses
  • Established a pension reserve
  • Creating a strategic financing plan to prioritize the funding of important infrastructure projects over the next decade



MP City Councilmember / Former Mayor Rich Cline
MP City Councilmember / Former Mayor Catherine Carlton
MP City Councilmember / Former Mayor Kirsten Keith
MP former Vice Mayor John Boyle
San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley
San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum
MP Planning Commissioner Camille Kennedy
MP Planning Commissioner Andrew Barnes
MP Planning Commissioner Henry Riggs 
Former MP Planning Commissioner Ben Eiref
MP Complete Streets Chair / Commissioner Bill Kirsch
MP Sister Cities Committee member Jym Clendenin
Former MP Environmental Quality Commissioner Allan Bedwell
Menlo Park School Board President Terry Thygeson
Menlo Park School Board Trustee-elect Sherwin Chen
Former Menlo Park School Board Trustee Jeff Child
New Guild Theater Drew Dunlevie
Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board Member Virginia Chang Kiraly
Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board Member Rob Silano
Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board candidate Sean Ballard
Las Lomitas School District Measure S Leader Josh Becker
Palo Alto Vice Mayor / City Councilmember Eric Filseth
Palo Alto City Councilmember/former Mayor Greg Scharff
East Palo Alto Mayor / Councilmember Ruben Abrica
East Palo Alto Councilmember / Former Mayor Larry Moody
Redwood City Councilmember / Former Mayor Jeff Gee
District 4 includes Allied Arts and the area between Santa Cruz Avenue and Valparaiso.
To learn more, here's my interview on Podcast by the Bay